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Morvedre cultures

Medieval and Modern Sagunto

The heritage of the cultures Islamic, Christian and Jewish remains in Sagunto. In century VIII, the Islam, that it baptizes to the city with the name of Murviter, in reference to the old woman walls of the Roman ruins arrives at Sagunto. They had a great influence on urbanism, agriculture, gastronomy and the irrigation. After the Christian conquest of Jaime I, (1238), Sagunto will be called Murviedro, and their streets will fill of satately hermitages, houses and will begin the construction of the Greater Church. Also the Judería in Carrer Castell will rise. Of contemporary time, they emphasize local personalities like Jose Romeu,the hero who fought against frenchs troops,  the great musician Joaquin Rodrigo, or the Chabret Cronista.



Image 150 min.  Morning or Afternoon.

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