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Heroes of Saguntum

Iberian and Roman Sagunto Itinerario a pie. Aconsejable calzado cómodo


More than 2500 years ago, this territory was denominated Arse and was occupied by the Iberian civilization. It was a town of great power economic that got to coin currency and to organize itself like a modern city. After a period of peace, they had to fight against Carthaginians (218-212 a. C.), commanded by Aníbal, of whose destruction only survived the Diana's Temple. After the second Punic War, Rome mediated to give back to the city to the town iberic. The transformation of the Iberian city in Hispanic Roman was gradual and so much in the double minting of currency is pronounced, like in the name change: Arse will be Saguntum.Image



Image 90 min.  Morning or afternoon.

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Font de Quart y Marjal dels Moros
Dunas Sagunto Canet y Estanys de Almenara
La Sierra


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