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Cultural celebrations and activities are characteristic in the city of Sagunto. According to the time of the year in which they decide to enjoy this place they will be able to attend a: the theater festival " Sagunt to Escena" in August, supervisory celebrations, different distributed theater activities throughout all the year, the medieval market of the 9 of October, the Easter in April and the Fallas in March.


You can enjoyt of an pleasant bath bronzing yourself in clean beaches of the beaches of Sagunto. It practices the nautical sports in beaches of Puerrto of Sagunto, Almardà, Corinth or Malvarrosa It contemplates the wonderful view that is enjoyed ascending until Sagunto's Castle from the hermitage of the Santisim Crist and follows the footpath that, signalized step by step, it invites to him to surround all the wall.


You can travel through time visiting the ruins of the Castle, the Roman Theater and loose yourself by the framework of streets of the old helmet of the city. The great houses and palaces of the medieval and the small whitewashed houses of the Jewish a will make him enjoy the passage of time. It acquires the typical and unique saguntino earthenware pitcher done of cork and commonly called " colcho".

At dusk you can go to the zone of the Port, in front of the sea, where the majority of the guest house premises and diversion is concentrated. In the marine stroll the bars, restaurants, pubs and discotheques open their doors to the night lovers.




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