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Cultural program

The cultural supply of Sagunto is big and almost all cradle in the annual programming realised by the department of Culture of the City council, the Cultural Foundation of Bancaja and the cultural manifestations organized by different organizations and associations from the city.


They include in its numerous cultural programmings, acts, events and celebrations that combine the tradition and the customs with present time and interest for all the public. It conforms an attractive participating and enriching cultural supply that is worth the pain to discover approaching the different places where these activities are realised. The cultural impulse of the city power activities such as the call of literary awards, teatre, concerts of spring, concerts of sacred music, during the Easter, contests of photography and painting, artistic exhibitions, theater representations and musical activities, concerts….


All the cultural activity of Sagunto requires of important infrastructures such as the Municipal Audience Joaquin Rodrigo, the House of Culture Pallarés Chaplain and the classroom of exhibitions Public square of the Bancaja Foundation, in the historical nucleus and the House of Municipal Culture, the Social Institute Tree-lined avenue of the Foundation Bancaixa, the Civic Center located in the old sanatorium of High Furnaces as well as the Ship of General Factories, “the Nau”.


The Roman theater is soothes during the summer of the festival of theater, music and dance “Sagunt to Scene” and the festival of Greco-Latin theater directed to students in the month of April. Also other cultural activities of sporadic form are realised.


cultural programming


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