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Sagunto, capital of the region of Camp de Morvedre, is situated north of Valencia, near of Sierra Calderona a group of mountains. Sagunto has 135,5 km2.


City has two urban centers: Sagunto-City, between the castle and river Palancia, and Puerto de Sagunto on the coast.


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In Sagunto there are two big points of communication: one that connect Sagunto with -Aragón and north of Spain- and other that connect the city with Catalonia and Andalusia, crossing all Valencian Community.


The coast of Sagunto has a length of 13 km. of beaches with fine sand and clears waters.


The Mediterranean weather is wet summers and winters with smooth temperatures. In Spring and autum are the staton where more rain Mediterranean received during all year.


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The migration had a great influence in demographic growing of Sagunto. An important number of people arrived from other regions, mainly from Aragon y Castilla. Nowadays, Sagunto has around 70.000 citizens.


Now, Sagunto, with two urban centers, is one of the main cities in economic development of Valencian Community, and the second city with population in the region. Only Valencia has most population that Sagunto.



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